Welcome to our Confirmation Program!  We utilize a program from Dynamic Catholic called Decision Point.  The program is  developed with the intention to not only prepare our students to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation but to teach and inspire them to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstance of their daily lives long after their Confirmation has passed while allowing parents and sponsors to engage in a process of renewal in their own faith journey.  

This program is specifically designed for High School Sophomores or Juniors but can be attended by those of college age.  Our confirmation preparation schedule follows the calendar year beginning in January.  Candidates may join the program through the Spring.  Register online now. 


The entire Decision Point program is available for free at www.DynamicCatholic.org in a variety of formats including emails, videos and a smartphone app.   

For more information contact Tonya Wolff, Youth Minister at youth@ourladyoflourdes.org

Please Note:*If you have already graduated from college, this is not the correct registration for you. Please contact Debbie Portell, Director of Adult Education, at rcia@ourladyoflourdes.org.


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