Isaiah 52Luke 18 2018

Registration – Lukers (8th Graders) 

Leaders Application (High Schoolers)

About the Retreat

Luke 18 is a weekend-long retreat for 8th-grade teens put on by dedicated, well-trained, high school teens.

The retreat will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Campus March 16-18, 2018. Now in it’s seventh year, Luke 18 has provided our parish, youth ministers, high school teens and young adults a life-changing opportunity to share our Catholic Christian faith with our junior high teens. The goal of this retreat is to empower 8th grade teens to live as disciples of Jesus Christ today. How? No gimmicks, real faith sharing, fun talks, great small groups, authentic relationships and an entire weekend for and with junior high teens.

Our retreat theme this year is loosely based on the Harry Potter series.  We will explore the challenges to following the Light of Christ in our world today, the temptation of complacency and being the light for others in a world of temptations.

Leaders Application (High Schoolers)

Lukers Registration Sign-up (8th Graders)

Dates and Times:

  • February 18: High School Leaders Applications Due
  • February 23: Luker Registration Due
  • March 16th (7:00 p.m.) Drop off at Flanagan Hall, Our Lady of Lourdes
  • March 18th (11:30 a.m.) Luke 18 concludes with the 11:30 Mass

Cost:  $50, scholarships available just contact

Contact:  This is a tri-parish retreat of St. Thomas More, Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Lourdes Parishes and all youth ministers will be participating in this retreat and can assist with questions. is our centralized email and Tonya Wolff is our lead contact.  Tonya can be contacted directly at or by phone/text at 573-489-7334

Why Luke 18?
A Transformative Weekend: Having an entire weekend is what makes this retreat work. We simply can’t build as deep of relationships in two-hour increments once a week. The longer we, as a parish, have with each junior high teen, the more we can know each one of them individually. By having the retreat here in our community, it offers our eighth grade teens the opportunity to form lasting and transformative relationships with adults and high school teens from our community

Faith Sharing: Nine times during this weekend, one or more high school teens will give a talk about their faith lived in community. Topics range from family life to prayer, to hurting and making up. With each talk, students are given tangible ways to live out their faith in their everyday lives.

Sleep Houses:
On both Friday and Saturday night during Luke 18, the participants will head to a sleep house provided by members of our Columbia parishes. This isn’t just a sleepover. Sleep Houses are a continuation of the retreat. Juniors and seniors in high school provide guidance and prayer before going to sleep in each Sleep Crew.

A special thank you to all the families who volunteer to be sleep houses for the Luke 18 retreat! A sleep house includes picking up the 8th graders from the retreat at night, giving them a floor to sleep on, and then driving them back to the retreat in the morning.  More sleep houses are needed!  If you are interested in being a sleep house please email

Schedule Overview

Friday March 16th
Eighth graders will arrive to Our Lady of Lourdes in Flanagan Hall at 7pm where we will have snacks and games. The first night will be getting to know each other, hearing an opening talk, and then departing to sleep houses at 10pm.
Saturday March 17th
Everyone will arrive back at Our Lady of Lourdes at 8:30am for our version of a continental breakfast down in the cafeteria. We will start the morning off with a talk and then some magical activities . The rest of the day will be filled with talks, small groups, music, lunch and dinner, and then evening adoration. Students will dismiss to the sleep houses at 10pm.
Sunday March 18th
Everyone will meet back Sunday morning at 8:30am for breakfast. We will have one more talk and small group and then we will attend the 11:30am mass at Our Lady of Lourdes.